WHAT IS IDENTITY? | 03.06.21 – 13.06.21

The Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival has welcomed proposals from across disciplines, including but not limited to visual artworks, poetry and writing, workshops, performances, video and film, community interventions and talks or lectures that investigated the question: What is Identity? 

These will be presented through physical interventions in Thessaloniki, as well as through a curated series of social media, blog, and website posts and videos, according to the needs of each selected project.

Through a programme of physical and online interventions, TQAF 2021 aims to offer a platform for underrepresented LGBTQIA+ artists, cultural practitioners, writers and activists from across the world to share their practice and connect with peers in the months of May, June and July in 2021. 

The festival will explore themes of performed identity, colonialism, lived histories, trans experience and the ever-changing and dynamic construction of the self.