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Miler Blasco

Miler Blasco was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1991. He assisted Escuela Provincial de Cine y TV Film school, in Rosario. While still a student, he worked as Director of Photography with Director Luciano Mannocchi, supported by the Sexual Diversity Department of Santa Fe, and as a Photography Assistant in El Laberinto de las Lunas (Dir. Lucrecia MastrĂ¡ngelo). Since 2016 he has worked as an editor and producer in the three seasons of Siete Latidos, Oficios de Cine y TV, which is broadcasted by 5RTV, the public channel of Santa Fe, Argentina. He was also Production Assistant and film editor at AVI Films SRL in the TV show Three Basic Things (INCAA 2018), film editor at Newton Camp (INCAA 2017), Streets of Fire (2019), A Place Among the Shadows (2019) and Operation Mexico documentary feature film (2020).