What is Fear Artists

Marilena Aligizaki

Marilena Aligizaki (1984, Athens) initially studied Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art (TEI of Athens) and later, Visual Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA). In 2014, she enrolled in the Visual Arts Postgraduate Programme of ASFA. In 2011, she studied at Art Plastic, in Paris, France, while in 2015, she attended the MFA-Program, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies inBauhaus, Germany, with a scholarship. Since 2017, she has been a PhD candidate at Visual Arts of ASFA. In her work, she focuses on public art through installations, performances and video. She studies the component factors of the contemporary subject’s identity and aims to highlight the political and social circumstances that shape dispersed communities. She lives and works in Athens.