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Caterina Crescini

Born in 1994 in Verona, Italy. She attended the Scipione Maffei Classical High School in Verona, before moving to Rome to study Cinema. She later graduated from the La Sapienza University of Rome in Performing Arts and Sciences. In the same period, she attended the high school for film directors and screenwriters (Ex Rai Script) of Arcangelo Mazzoleni and Mariella Buscemi. She has an MA in Film Art at the RUFA Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

Specchio Cast & Crew Credits

Directed by Caterina Crescini

Written by Caterina Crescini, Federica Picciau and Simone Ruggieri

Cinematography by Sammy Paravan

Produced by Ripartenze srl

Sound Mixed by Celeste Frontino

Edited by Elisa Curatola and Silvia Lettieri

Music by Andrea Laszlo De Simone

Cast: Daphne Scoccia, Flaminia Cuzzoli