What is Fear Artists

Arvin Ombika

“My artworks revolve around my sexual identity, a determining factor in many of the great decisions that has to be taken in life. Having explored the technical and aesthetic quality to enhance art making, my praxis is also gradually adding up a political turn. I create with the consideration that I still belong to a nation where same-sex love is criminalized, in the context of post-colonialism, globalization and migration, examining the in/validity of a colonial law as well as the negative cultural perception on same-sex love, forcing most LGBTQ people to remain inside the closet. My works are statements on the colonial law criminalizing gay people who love except that they do not fit the hegemony of heterosexuality, engendering clash between the binary homo/hetero sexuality. My creations simultaneously aim to dissipate the belief of a monolithic construct of heterosexuality within my country and hence contributing in the process of decolonisation.”