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7-23 JUNE

Parallel Exhibition

Photography and Poetry Exhibition
Parallel Exhibition to Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival 2019

Programme & hours :
7 -23 June 2019
Daily : 18:00 to 22:00

— Opening 7 June at 18:00 —
+ dj Set

Exhibitions & Artists

Spoiler Alert
A dialogue between poetry and photography.
by Mairi Alexi and Nontas Kouts

Installation – a contemporary queer sacred space dedicated to love. Eros as the primordial light responsible for the existence and order of all things in the universe. A series of portraits reproducing the god of Eros who embodies the strength and passion of romantic love as well as the creative force of everlasting love.
by Pascual Mousios

R.G.B. (Love as a 3-phase pulse)
Experimental visual poetry with the connecting link of the RGB colour model. Experimentation and participant observation on the meanings of love and eros as the founding element of every emotional cycle. This project will break eros down into 3 phases: steps toward internal balance, freedom and identity.
by Dreamfacta


Mairi Alexi, Fotis Vazakas, Nontas Kouts, Pascual Mousios


7-23 JUNE