Artists, MOMus - Experimental Center for the Arts

21 JUNE 21:00-22:00

Creek Goddess, Loam Love


Sigmund Freud designates Eros as more than a force of erotic desire; he describes it as a will to live and a desire to create life. The performance engages with the theme of Eros in a similarly polyvalent way. The Naiad has a romantic and sensual relationship with the Spirulina algae, however she and the algae cannot live without each other. Via their romance, they sustain and reproduce each other, allowing for their survival. The Naiad breathes out carbon dioxide, which the algae consumes, producing sustenance and oxygen for its Naiad lover.

Performance curation: Thomas Diafas, Eirini Papakonstantinou


Ezra Jude


21 JUNE 21:00-21:00


MOMus – Experimental Center for the Arts