17 JUNE 12:00

The Forgotten Hottie

Public Intervention

``The Forgotten Hottie`` is a performance piece meant to explore the corporeality of the inevitable virtuality of eros. The performer is only allowed to leave the space once someone meets him inside of it, through Tinder.


Ιn Thessaloniki for a while. Searching for someone to take me out 🙂

Public Intervention

Artist: Rui Fonseca (Porto, Portugal)
Eternal aspirant to everything. I believe in a world without borders and my dream is to be recognised as a friend.

Note: This is a durational performance of unknown length. It begins on Sunday June 16, 2019 in a public space and ends at the discretion of the artist. It could last a few hours or several days.

Location: Gkarmpola, Thessaloniki, 54631

Coordinated by Maria Juliana Byck

*Please note that this is a durational performance of unknown length. The end time is subject to change.


Rui Fonseca


17-23 JUNE 12:00


Gkarmpola, Thessaloniki