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15 JUNE 11:00-13:00

Queer Pedagogy, Poison Moon, The Dance of Eros & Thanatos

Public Ιntervention + Workshop

The Dance of Eros and Thanatos | 11:00-13:00 | Facta Non Verba

The Dance of Eros and Thanatos is a project by Damiano Fina for Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival. The artist published in 2018 the book “The Dance of Eros and Thanatos” after its research on Queer Pedagogy at the University Romatre in 2017, The artist presents at Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival a workshop of three days, a performance and a meeting in order to share and activate a discussion about Queer Pedagogy. Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival is the perfect context to share this artistic research and methodology.

Poison Moon | Olympou 75, Thessaloniki | 21:00-21:30

Damiano Fina will perform “Poison Moon”, a choreography that shares its awareness to freedom of expression, spirituality and queer pedagogy. The performance was presented in in Italy and during the Hokkaido Butoh Festival in 2018. During this occasion, the English translation of the book will also be published.

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Damiano Fina


15 JUNE 09:00-11:00 & 21:00-21:30


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