Artists, FIX in Art Theater

11 JUNE 20:30

The Childhood I Kept To Myself


The Childhood I Kept to Myself is a solo moving body project by Edegar Starke, made in 2016, that investigates the multiplicity of the being, the coexistence of so many different cultures, religions, sexes, etc., on the metamorphic constitution of one single being.

Looking back, the oppositions, the search of belonging and the sense of misfiting were always part of my daily life, weather I could realized it consciously or not. Divided between getting the world’s acceptance and being honest and true to everything that I was, I found myself in plenty of spaces created by me to enable that existence. This piece intents to walk a path towards simplifying, towards understanding that our differences can inhabit the same body, the same world, and that other than bringing us apart our differences can bring us together.

“What are you afraid of? What are you ashamed of? What are you? This piece is an open window to a landscape of metamorphosis, creatures and magic, a secret retreat for when the days are gray and for when you can’t understand. This is a beating heart. This is my body sharing The Childhood I Kept to Myself.”

Costumes by Riccieri Genaro

Coordinated by Thomas Diafas

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Edegar Starke


11 JUNE 20:30


Fix in Art Theater