Artists, Labattoir

11 JUNE 20:00 – 00:00

Short Film Marathon - Open Air

What is Eros? Short Film Marathon - Open Air

Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival | Edition 2019 presents 36 international and contemporary short films presenting stories that explores themes such as discovering love through self-acceptance, motherhood and familial dynamics. Some of the films are political in nature, while others enquire into sex, desire and how queer relationships engender love within conventional communities.

The film screenings will take place in the Old Slaughterhouse (Palea Sfageia) of Thessaloniki and will be hosted by the Labattoir project. The programme is co-curated with *Balkan Can Kino.

Curated by Evi Minou, Magda Vaz & Annie Tsevdomaria

Virginia Mastrogiannaki & Jason Karaindros, Sandra Araújo (s4ra), Katharine Doyle, Karachi, Kristian Nemeth, Fenel Gioia Maini, Christos Vasileiadis, Vasilis Polymeris, Marina Rebbeka, Annie Tsevdomaria, Erik Alkema, Erin Hampson, Lara Bochmann, Sam Hultin, Sid and Geri (Jasmine Lee), Aoi Swimming & Mikio Saito, Callum Harper, Eva Giannakopoulou & Persefoni Myrtsou, Dakota Gearhart, Nicky Miller, Alex Freiheit, Despoina Sachpazi

Curated by Balkan Can Kino

Giorgos Danopoulos, Sabrina Muhate, Andrea Perez Su, Brenda Jorde, Tamara Scerbak, Lamprini Loukaidi, Ella Bee Glendining, Michelle Verhoeks, Cristina García Zarzosa, Colectivo Vlop Cinema & Jennifer Nocole, Bianca Caderas, Emily Jenkins & Justin Black, Luana Larissa, Christina Sarli, Katerina Stella Rosen, Dimitra Mitsaki & Kristin Mudra

*Balkan Can Kino is a collectively run cinema, lab & film festival, founded by film professionals in 2017 in Athens and hosted on the ground floor of Communitism. Film programming focuses on alternative approaches to cinema and audiovisual art in order to showcase diversity. At the same time, it offers film education with the organisation of workshops, discussions and lectures, at low cost or completely free of charge.

Labattoir Project
Doors open at 20.00 / Screening starts at 20.30
Free Entrance


Elle Reads On a Summer Day – Lamprini Loukaidi (Greece) 03’

The one you where born in – Ella Bee Glendining (United Kingdom) 08’

Deep – Michelle Verhoeks (The Netherlands) 04’

Realness – Cristina García Zarzosa (Spain) 10’

The nobodies – Colectivo VlopCinema & Jennifer Nocole (Chile) 01’

Living like Heta – Bianca Caderas (Switzerland) 06’

Terminally in Love – Emily Jenkins & Justin Black (Canada) 17’

Love Bug – Luana Larissa (Brazil) 02’

Deconstructed Musa Velutina Panna Cotta With Rose Petal Jam – Christina Sarli, Katerina Psaradeli (Greece) 10’

Red Flower – Stella Rosen (USA) 03’

We need to talk about Barbie – Dimitra MItsaki & Kristin Mudra (Germany) 02’

Princess Baby – Sid and Geri [Jasmine Lee] (Taiwan) 01’

The Place Where There Are Bettel Nuts – Aoi Swimming and Mikio Saito (Japan) 05’

Can I get Away With this – Callum Harper (Australia) 10’

Cynosure – Katharine Doyle (United Kingdom) 18’

The Brides of Maltepe – Εva Giannakopoulou and Persefoni Myrtsou (Greece-Turkey-Germany) 18’

Ambience for Mating Crabs – Dakota Gearhart (USA) 01’

Bird Watching, Bird Watching – Dakota Gearhart (USA) 04’

Lemon Taste / Nicky Miller (Germany) 08’

Projection in Loop: SIKSA.STABAT MATER DOLOROSA – Alex Freiheit (Poland) 60’


11 JUNE 20:00 – 00:00