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Tracing A City [Kaur Chimuk & Soumya Mukhopadhyay]

Tracing A City (TAC) is an independent curatorial initiative by a group of individuals who would like to engage with cross-cultural action research to able to understand pluralism in the time of ‘post-truth’ reality. “More than cultural reproduction, we are working on ‘fluid understandings’ to make a safe space for diverse gender/colour/interest.” A South Asian Queer Pamphlet (previous screening – Malmo Art Hall, Sweden (2019) is their ongoing curatorial collaborative project by Soumya M. and Kaur C. where they would like to express the duality between performative gender and unrecognised fears. Kaur is a practicing queer performance actionist & curator and as a visual art practitioner, Soumya is interested in the idioms of marginality, everyday mundane existence and the idea of ‘queering’ the post-truth body, space, and text.

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