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So long Paris!

Fear may lead to overprotecting your children, especially when it’s time to come out to them! That’s the tagline for So long Paris!, a bittersweet comedy about a fanciful and rebellious pre-teen who ends up accepting her parents’ divorce after an unexpected encounter with her dad’s male lover.


Director: Charles Dudoignon-Valade

Writer: Envie de Tempête

Producer: Arthur IgualKey

Cast: “Paul” Lucy Pouchoulin

Key Cast: “Lucy” Gaël Kamilindi de la Comédie-Française

Key Cast: “Dom” Catherine Salviat de la Comédie-Française

Key Cast: “the ageless lady” Nathalie Durand

Cinematographer: Custody (Jusqu’à la garde)

Cyril HoltzSound mixerAn Officer and a Spy, The Sister Brothers, Elle Katia BoutinSound editorAn Officer and a Spy, Elle, The Pianist Jérôme RebotierMusic composerParis, je t’aime Laurent BenaïmSound recordistThe Sentiment of the Flesh Antoine Basile MercierMusic recordistEastern Boys Romain AnklewiczFoley ArtistThe Sisters Brothers Isabel RibisContinuityThe Artist