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Kupalua studied performance at Comunicação das Artes do Corpo at PUC São Paulo, Brasil. She has acted at Teatro Oficina on the piece Macumba Antropófaga 2011, directed by José Celso and performed at These Associations by Tino Sehgal at CCBB (Rio de Janeiro) in 2014. She has performed at Batucada by Marcelo Evelin in 2016 at MAR (Rio de Janeiro) for Panorama Festival. Kupalua is one of the artists on the concept of the piece Macaquinhos, which has a polemic repercussion in Brazil. The piece was shown on: Mostra Verbo – Galeria Vermelho (2014), 22aFestival Mix Brasil (2014), 17aMostra Sesc Cariri de Culturas in Ceará (2015), Festival ICdeArtes in Salvador (2016), Casa do Povo (2017), Kampnagel (Hamburg) and Mousonturm (Frankfurt) for Projeto Brasil: Tropicalyse Now (2016), Wiener Festwochen (2017) at Performeum and Kusnten Festival des Arts in Brussels (2018). Also, on the concept and soundtrack of their current piece ZOO, commissioned by Mousonturm, in the framework festival Im*Possible Bodies (2018). Kupalua is the name of her experimental music solo project, and she played live in Fusion Festival (2018), in Athens Queer performance Festival (2019), and several other spaces around Berlin, Riga, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athens, Paris and São Paulo. Kupalua has shown the music videos O Abismo and Relinchos e Sussuros made by the duo KupaTeta (with Teta Lírica) at Anormal festival in Mexico City (2018 and 2019) and at Tomie Ohtake institute São Paulo. Played with the band Adrenalinastrasse at the installation MasturBar by Fabiana Faleiros on Berlin Biennale (2018). Was part of Hacklab 2020 by CTM festival and showed an under-water music performance in collaboration with other artists at Radial System, Berlin. Kupalua is part of a group of artists that runs a cultural center “Casa de Cultura da Raposa” in a small village in the countryside of Brasil called Vale da Raposa in Iramaia, Bahia.

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