What is Fear Artists

Junie Lau

Junie Lau is a Chinese artist based in London.

The majority of her projects over the past few years have been, to various degrees, reflections of her social identity as well as her experiences living within the contrasting cultures of the East and West. Her almost intangible cultural inheritance, the bonds she recognises between human beings and animals, in addition to social stereotypes and gender, have all been strong influences in her work. Social issues, including various forms of social conflict, have been of particular interest. Through the project Love – Lord – Minister, she wishes to increase societal awareness and understanding of gender identity and labels as an extension of her previous projects.

Having six years of practical experience in the fashion industry, she keeps challenging and enriching herself in innovation, communication and working under pressure. She recently graduated with an MA in Fashion Media Production from the London College of Fashion, University of The Arts London. She works as a director and production designer in Fashion Film Production, Virtual Reality Film Production and Documentary Film Production.