What is Fear Artists

Hakan Sorar

Born in 1991, Hakan Sorar comes from a different discipline like engineering. He entered the art of photography, taking photography training in various workshops. Sorar focuses on the concepts of city, people and memory in his artistic works. In his photographs, he investigates the relationship between human and space, and details of human beings through the human body. In some of his works, Sorar makes use of Instant films, so that the form at the moment captured by Instant film is distorted and a new reality is created, manipulating, shattering the frozen ‘moment, and creating a new frame from objectivity to subjectivity.Additions / subtractions are made to the frames and produce new queries on the concept of body and space. Sorar is continuing his research and studies on human and space in her graduate education at the Department of Communication at the Faculty of Art and Design, Beykoz University, Istanbul.

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