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Erik Thörnqvist

Erik Thörnqvist (born 1994, Umeå, Sweden) lives between Stockholm and Luleå. He works with different fictional, historic, collective and personal references to explore affective conditions, labour and how queer bodies define space. His work has been included in various exhibitions including Island Life mediated by Susan Philpsz, Hyper-terrestrial curated by Essi Vesala, Stockholm, Eco Trash curated by Giulia Casalini, London, KOMASK Master Salon, Antwerpen, OPEN OUT in Tromsö, Norway, Ingen Äger Tiden, a group show at Örebro Läns Museum curated by Daniel Urey, Loungen at Konstnärshuset Stockholm and Epicentrum of Everything at Galleri Syster.

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The gods have granted me sight Credits 

Credits Script: Erik Thörnqvist

Robot HTP-341: Fan Wu

Voiceover: Fan Wu

Chinese translations Fan Wu

Camera/editing: Erik Thörnqvist

Thanks to: Fan Wu, Björn Elgerd, Sophie Vukovic, Philip Dufva & Tove Möller