What is Fear Artists

Angelos Tsarouchas

“Everybody is challenged by every-day thoughts and concerns. In my mind after some time, either due to logic or following a completely personal course of thought, everything comes together under the idea of identity. The role I failed to stand up to in school, and therefore experienced no romantic relationships, regardless of sexuality. The idea of “identity of space” in architectural studies. Identity of movement and the performing body in dance. TV personalities, dating app profiles, zodiac signs, cartoons, video games characters, gym dudes, pop idols, Throwback Thursday, the new X-Men, the Starks, the Lannisters (who always pay their debt), Heisenberg, the mamager, Will and Grace, Grace and Will, welcome BACK to my channel! and WHERE ARE THEY NOW?! Drag is a very fun way to play with identity in any media.”