What is Fear Artists

Ahmet Rüstem Ekici

Born in 1983 in Adana, Turkey, Ahmet Rüstem Ekici graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 2008. He worked for a decade as an art director in the realm of television set, studio and stage design. He continues his artistic venture with conceptual art, 3D drawings and site-specific installations and teaches a lecture called “Designing Space for the Camera” at MEF University, Istanbul. He participated American Arts Incubator Amplify, San Francisco in 2019. Ahmet Rustem uses photography, digital drawing, digital collage, ceramics and readymade object to create works on human body and its social codes, shaping around concepts like gender, belongingness and existence. The concept-driven approach of his site-specific installations reveals the potential of the readymade object by tackling films, events and subjects unforgettable to our society. He adores using the language of ancient mosaics to tell visual stories.