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9 JUNE 14:00-18:00

Poetics of Queer Trauma

Creative Writing Workshop
In our quest of gender-dissenting bodies, we queer people have been very often confronted with many kinds of traumatic experiences, recurrent sources of pain and suffering for us. Still, are these forever cicatrized wounds or could we, somehow, put the scab aside and deep inside them? And what for would we undertake such a journey? To (de)consolidate an identity? Can poetry be, after all, an outcome of our Queer Trauma?

In this 4 hour-long workshop we will adopt techniques of creative writing in order to investigate these questionings from a poetical starting point. Familiarity with writing is not mandatory, whereas an openness towards the group is essential.

Our communication will be held in English, however, participants are welcome to pursue the writing activities in whichever preferred language.

Limited to 8 people.

We strongly suggest that you apply through the following form:

*KUIR is an independent and collaborative project from berlin, aiming at promoting the work of queer poets.

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joão (1990) is a non-binary poet, translator and student of german literature and hungarology at humboldt university. in the aftermaths of 2016 coup d’état in brazil, moved to berlin with a scholarship from poesiefestival/Haus für Poesie. founder of KUIR, an independent and collaborative project aiming at promoting the work of queer poets. first book of poems, uns, will published in 2019 by primata (brazil). //




9 JUNE 14:00-18:00