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19 JUNE 21:00-23:00

Queer Poetry Reading - A Tribute to Costas Taktsis

Poetry Reading
KUIR is an independent and collaborative project from Berlin created in February 2019 with the goal of promoting the work of queer poets.

In this 4th edition, dedicated to the memory of the brutally assassinated, homosexual and travesti greek poet, Costas Taktsís, we will be presenting the outcomes of our creative writing workshops as well as the works of contemporary queer poets from Greece in a 2-hour long show with readings and performances.

A fanzine with the poems of the night and their respective translations into English will be printed out and sold for a symbolic price at the door.

If you are a queer poet/translator and would like to collaborate, send us an email at: //

João (1990) is a non-binary poet, translator and student of German literature and hungarology at Humboldt University. In the aftermath of the 2016 coup d’état in brazil, João moved to Berlin with a scholarship from poesiefestival/Haus für Poesie. Founder of KUIR, an independent and collaborative project aiming at promoting the work of queer poets. Their first book of poems, uns, will published in 2019 by primata (Brazil). //

We welcome any donations. Thank you for your kind support.




19 JUNE 21:00-23:00