Artists, MOMus - Experimental Center for the Arts

14 JUNE 21:00

Tea Ceremony

Theatre Performance

Performance by SRSLYyours

Director: Achim Wieland
Performer: Marios Ioannou

Performance will be in English

Tea Ceremony, a unique devised performance directed by Achim Wieland and performed by the exceptional actor Marios Ioannou, will be performed at MOMus - Experimental Center for the Arts on June 14, 2019 at 20:00. The play is developed around the ancient tradition of the Tea Ceremony, in which a Geisha invites the theatre audience to an evening of comfort and delight, wealth and luxury, appearance and well-being.

During the monologue, the “Tea Host” begins to question her role as “entertainer”, operating in a system based on capitalism, consummation and ownership. Well-trained as a performer and “servant”, the Geisha challenges not only her own role but the audiences' motivation as well, in which we fulfil our needs at the expense of an increasing exploitation of the world’s resources and the suffering of others.

The Geisha, an icon of beauty and well-trained to seduce her customers through movement, song and dance, leads the audience on a journey of modern-day abuse, child labour, human trafficking, torture and slavery … and the high price we pay for our joy and greed.

Through devised script, found text, socio-political and personal material adopted from everydayness and media representations, Tea Ceremony intends to carry the world that is happening outside the “stage” onto the stage and to remake it into that fresh and voluminous space which the performance effectively provides.
The performance premiere took place at Rialto Theatre (Limassol) for two presentations on May 27th, 2018.

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SRSLYyours, Achim Wieland, Marios Ioannou


14 JUNE 20:00