Artists, FIX in Art Theater

14 JUNE 19:30-21:30

Loving and Fucking



Loving and Fucking in the Context of Greek-Turkish Relations

The greatest passion of the past millennium.

The interaction of two irresistible bodies
that have shaped world politics since centuries –
Turkish and Greek – Byzantine and Ottoman –

The Atina Kolektifi selflessly devotes itself to carry out this historic mission. With their brand new work Loving and Fucking in the Context of Greek-Turkish Relations, the collective lays out to the table the Greek-Turkish relations, courageously uncovering the most intimate details of this passionate relationship that rewrites the rules of desire.

Are you ready to take part in some deep conversation, navigated and circumnavigated by some of the most able experts in their field?

Come join us on the 14th of June at Fix in Art as part of the Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival for an unforgettable experience in the land of desire.

The Atina Kolektifi is a feminist art collective since 2017. It is interdisciplinary, open-source and multi-local, currently based across Turkey and Greece. The collective seeks subversion through the diversion of popular culture, esotericism and mass media.

Coordinated by Maria Juliana Byck

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Atina Kolektifi


14 JUNE 19:30-21:30