Artists, Bensousan Han

11 JUNE 20:00-23:00

Inappropriate Course Queer Edition

Workshop – Artistic Project

Inappropriate Course in a Queer-Festival mood, with special guests and intersectional activities
The title of the event is humorous and self-sarcastic. The “course” is an excuse for broadening the artistic horizons of the “pupils.” The course leader will guide the participants so that they can create what they see, be it a composition, a nude model or a combination, using materials of their choice.
Inappropriate Course is the first weekly event at Bensousan Han and has received widespread acceptable by local audiences in Thessaloniki. Its weekly structure and its innovative content invite us to take part in our own way, so that we can create an inclusive group of people that reinvents the goals and intentions of this open artistic “recipe” each week.
It is a project that takes place at Bensousan Han. Taking off from the history of the building, as well as the interaction of the participants with design, this project functions not only as a drawing course but also as an interactive activity between us and the space.
Very often there will be parallel actions or performances that contribute to the strengthening of the experience, so that we rid of the the tight frames of the all-too-common dry teaching process and so that the Inappropriate Course expands conceptually even further.
Previous experience with drawing or painting is not required, and participants should feel free to contribute to the course in whatever creative way they want; via readings, performances, music, or simply through conversation.
Doors open at 20:00
(Wine and beer will be served)


Vassilis Alexandrou


11 JUNE 20:00-23:00


Bensousan Han